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Confidentiality Training Resources

Does anyone have any good confidentiality training resources they might be able to share?  I have almost an entirely new office (both to our office and child support) and I am lacking in resources regarding confidentiality.  Any help/ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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  1. Our Tribal HR makes us sign a confidentiality statement, our Program also makes each staff sign a confidentiality statement. Most of my staff were here before me and have had college education in law and social work. But I have in the past sent my employees (while over CPS) to local college trainings, Fred Pryor (looks like no longer have this as a topic), and when Idaho Health and Welfare did trainings on this topic. For CSEP we are sometimes still invited to these trainings. What I see most offered in our area is more specific to social workers but that fits for my case managers and these are offered at the colleges near me.

  2. Just a thought do you ever have to explain this type of training ahead of time in your expenditure descriptions as to how it relates to child support such as Fred Pryor or local colleges?

  3. Another good resource might be your state social work association and the NASW offer good trainings on a variety of social work topics including confidentiality.

  4. Thanks Allison. The State DCS office has sent me some of their confidentiality training material. I didn’t think about the social work association. I’ll look into that.

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