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Conferences & Meetings for FY 2021

Hi Everybody,

I just started working on next year’s budget and I haven’t seen  a lot of information on conferences and meeting for next year being posted on the websites. I’m pretty sure many conferences will not be held next year as well or put on hold due to covid 19.  If someone has already compiled the information or on committees if you can share I would appreciate it.  


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  1. Maria the only conference I put in mine was the NTCSA conference. I figure if anything else comes up, Budget Mod!! I’m like you, not sure of any travel, we are still on No Travel, even to Billings and Great Falls.

  2. Anyone have any updates on how they’ve decided to handle travel for next year? Any particular conferences dates on anyone else’s radar?

    Thanks – hope you’re all well.

  3. This is the information that i was able to gather: Fatherhood is Leadership Oct 27-29, 2020; ERICSA 2020, scheduled for November 17-21, 2020; ERICSA 2021 April 18-22, 2021 New Orleans, LA; WICSEC 2021 October 24-28, 2021 Sante Fe NM; NCSEA Leadership Symposium August 1-4, 2021 Austin TX; NCSEA Policy Forum January 28-30, 2021; NTCSA Uncasville CT June 2021; NATCSD is still planning on 2 meetings, one is April and the other in the fall 2021. I was told to put these conferences in as though they are still going on. At this time none of them have been cancelled. It is easier to give money back, than to ask for a budget mod for a trip that wasn’t cancelled. Of course, this also depends on your individual tribe. Although I put all of those trips in my budget, the Ho-Chunk Nation is still working on a State of Emergency and no travel is permitted.

  4. Hello,
    My Federal office told me to write all of the travel in and do your budget as if you are up and running at full force. If we are not which is highly likely, then we would request another waiver. Penobscot Nation will be writing all of the trips in and a budget for all staff even despite covid with the understanding that we may be doing a waiver for our match not met in the fall again.

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