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Concerns or Questions Regarding Budget Discussion at Spring 2022 Meeting

Hello Directors,

OCSE would like to have any questions Tribes may have regarding any budget concerns or process prior to our Meeting with OCSE on April 6, 2022.  These questions is due on March 11, 2022.   This will help OCSE prepare and have the appropriate staff available to answer any questions at our meeting.  You can email questions to or comment on this discussion.

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  1. I haven’t heard from anyone if there were any concerns regarding the budget or budget process for last year or for next FY year. Please let me know by the end of the day.

  2. While I don’t currently have any specific concerns about the budget process for next year (my only concern about last year’s process was the inordinate amount of time spent on language in contracts!), our Region 10 Program Specialist has been very eager to schedule a “virtual site visit” with us and the budget process is very prominently featured in the agenda. In fact, the biggest agenda item seems to be a meeting with a member of the Central Office “OCSE Tribal Team” to discuss the budget for FFY 2023. Anyone know what the Feds are contemplating? Has anyone had such a meeting yet? (Ours is scheduled for main part of the “virtual site visit” is to meeting with a member of the OCSE We haven’t had our meeting yet, it’s scheduled for 3/22).
    Any inside scoop would be much appreciated.

  3. Hello!
    Meskwaki will be meeting with our Regional OCSE folks on March 31st and the invite indicated that this would be about FY2023.
    I think, though I am not positive, that this is their version of the Human Centered Design approach that they are taking with Tribes regarding the budget process. I plan to call my CS Specialist a little bit later today to check in and to ask about something else. I’ll let you know if I find out anything different after my call.

  4. Yurok has the same sounding meeting set for April 20th, region 9 manager and someone from the Central Office. Our FY22 budget application was sent back for mostly contract lanaguage as well.

  5. Nez Perce has the same meeting set for April 28, 2022. They requested I have a draft FY 2023 budget done for review. Other items they put on our agenda for the meeting was a walkthrough of last year’s budget, an assessment of prospective changes for FY 2023, a review of any bottlenecks that were experience last year, and a need/interest in waivers.

    We are now with Region 4.

  6. Just concluded our meeting. One central budget staff from DC attended. All they wanted was to review any hiccups in the budget submission process in the last three years. They brought the notes related to anything in the past that had caused our budget submission to be stalled or returned (contract language, lack of documentation, etc.). That’s all they reviewed. No draft of FFY23 or waiver discussion.

  7. Thank you, Logan.
    I wonder if its going to vary from Region to Region, like it usually does and maybe we should take notes and report out at the NATCS Directors meeting.

  8. Good morning. I had a call with Cheryl, our Program Specialist Region 4. She stated basically what Logan reported. Any questions/concerns about past budget submissions and she was not going to ask for a FY23 budget at our May 3 meeting.

  9. So I didn’t find out anything different. This is the OCSE HCD approach to improving the annual budget process, and anything, as in issues with the budget process, you want to bring up, this is our chance to help improve the process for the better. I’m getting my notes ready right now.
    Take care and GO HAWKEYES!!

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