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Children with Disabilities


I have been working with our Tribal Courts and they would like to see an ammendment change in regards to extending support for children with disabilities.  I would love some feedback to see how other Tribes are handling this issue.  I know that locally New York State has extended the benefits until 26 years of age.  I would appreciate some feedback from other Tribes on how you are handling this portion of our clients. 

Nia:wen/Thank you 


April Lauzon
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe 

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  1. Hi April,
    The Lummi Code of Laws covers disabled adult children in 11.06.030 (c) (2) – Duty to Support Child. The Code is available on either the Lummi Nation website or the NARF website.
    Ralph J

  2. Yurok is similar to Lummi Nation. We have it outlined in our code as a factor for deviation from guideline as well as under duration of support orders. Since I’ve been here, we have not put the duration section of the code into practice for disability/medical needs. We have used the deviation from guideline for medical needs for a parent that had to regularly transport a very young child to UCSF (6 hour 1-way drive from home). Not sure if this link will show up but here is our code:

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