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By-Law vote

The options for the by-laws has been posted. you can find them in documents, “by-laws”  Please review them. the voting begins August 10, 2017. – Linda

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I did not get an email alert for this post, I came here to attempt to post a question but will wait until we get notice again.

  2. I’m relatively new to NATCSD and haven’t previously participated in any by-law discussions so please forgive me if these concerns have already been addressed or if I’m missing something. I was reviewing the Spring meeting minutes that were just posted as well as the by-law samples for voting and I’m concerned that there no longer appears to be a procedure for electing the NATCSD President. I note that in the Spring meeting the president-elect position was eliminated. It looks like when the president-elect position was eliminated so was the procedure for electing the president. It’s in the red-line version but not samples 2 or 3. I’m referring to Article 5, Section A. I think we should probably address this before voting on the by-laws?

  3. Good catch about the President not being included in Article 5. I will correct that and highlight it so everyone can vote on that also. – Linda

  4. The corrected by-laws were posted as Corrected versions. When the NATCSD voted to eliminate the president Elect position, the President was not added to Article 5 to be voted on. – Linda

  5. To Director and NATCSD Member,

    At the last National Association of Tribal Child Support Directors (NATCSD) meeting held April 11-13, 2017 in Arizona the bylaws committee was formed and provided amended changes. We voted on the bylaws and it was passed (NATCSD bylaws 2017 Amendment) except for one issue that were controversial. The issue that the Tribes could not agree on was if the absence of the Director, if the designee of the Tribal Child support Program has to be an employee or it could be open up to anybody if the director was unavailable to attend. For your convenience I’ve also attached the bylaws. You may see the bylaws on the website as well.

    Voting Choices

    1. Bylaws amended Sample 2- (Anybody)

    2. Bylaws amended Sample 3- (Employee of the Tribe)

    3. Abstain/Revisit @next meeting in Fall

    You have until August 24, 2017 to vote. Please email me back with your vote and I will tally them up. Your vote will be kept confidential but it maybe shared with the executive officers if there is a request for a recount or a dispute.

    Thank you again for you vote!!

    Maria Huynh
    Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
    Child Support Program Manager
    Interim Vice President for NATCSD

  6. I’ve sent out emails to each director for Bylaws Voting but if for some reason you were missed, I had your email wrong, or there are directors changes, please email me directly and I will work with Linda to make the changes to the membership roster. My email is Thank you!!

  7. Hi all, on both samples, in Article 2-Purposes section, under B-2. The acronym letters are turned around in the second acronym of NATCSD. Thank you

  8. To Director and NATCSD Member,

    We received 33 electronic votes from members who are good standing. Our bylaws states “Decisions may be made by consensus, or by a simple majority vote of those members in good standing in attendance at the meeting, when consensus cannot be reached”. In order to have proper quorum we needed at least 25 votes which we have.

    1. The Bylaws amended Sample 3 (Employee of the Tribe) passed with 58% of the vote.

    2. The Bylaws amended sample 2 (Anybody) received 21% of the vote
    3. Abstain/revisit in the Fall received 21% of the vote

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