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Budgets Issues

Does anybody have any budgets issues/concerns regarding the budget approval process from last year or the upcoming year?  Sorry I dropped the ball on this and did not get a list started on the the concerns.  If you can respond to this blog or email me your concerns ASAP.  Mausami Kothari from Grants management will be in person in Miami on 4/24 to discuss our budget concerns.


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  1. 1. There was a cent in the formula for match that was very hard to fix, I had to send to our rep to ask for help and she even had a hard time finding the error.
    2. I do not like their formula for the final budget, most of our match comes from positions outside of our program, therefore, the final budget had less in personnel than what was needed as it looked like our program had cash to provide for the positions of CSEP.
    3. At first when I gave my budget to the rep to review we had several talks on match and how it should not be by category but overall budget on how match is met. First correction on my budget it looked like we would really fall short on personnel, as she was making it so I had to have 20% match in each line item (personnel, fringe, travel, indirect, etc.)
    4. We received our award notice right before October 1st but it was not correct in each category/line item, eventually (after our Fall 2017 meeting) I was able to send in budget where needed that did not increase or decrease total budget and it was approved to how Tribe actually needed the money.

  2. Jeanette that is exactly what happened to my budget. I was able to get it correct with just an e-mail. I will bring what I had to the meeting next week to show you. My in-kind come from personnel also.

  3. I agree with Jeannette regarding the problems dealing with the cents in the excel spreadsheet. I have two other issues I would like addressed:

    1) Issue of whether Tribes are required to do a budget mod when there is a small change in the indirect rate. My last word on this was that Mausami agreed that OCSE did not want to create burdensome work so they wouldn’t ask for a budget modification until OCSE clarified its guidance in writing.
    2) Computer purchases: Last year’s review of my budget, OCSE requested clarification on the proposed computer purchase, stating that the operating system specifications that I provided comes with Windows 7 Professional which is no longer supported, and OCSE requested more information on specifics of the proposed operating system. My concern is what is the purpose of micromanaging Tribe’s purchases of computer systems? The original reason given was that OCSE anticipated that most Tribes would be converting over to the Model Tribal System so they wanted to make sure computers were compatible with the MTS system. It is now obvious that only a few Tribes will be converting to the MTS and there is no reasonable rationale for micromanaging Tribe’s purchases of computers for Tribal IV-D programs. Can this be narrowed down to “Tribes that anticipate converting to the MTS system” should have computers compatible with the MTS system?”

  4. I also would like to get clarification regarding comments made by Mausami at the Feb policy meeting regarding budget mod emails needing to be submitted even for changes that do not meet the 10 percent threshold. I read Jessie’s blog and would like to know Jessie, if she made the comment regarding not creating burdensome work after the Feb meeting? Thanks in advance for your response!

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