TX contact information

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know I have been in contact with TX regarding sending information to them and received this information below. I asked if I could share her email and she definitely wanted me to let other tribal Directors know as well.  Since we are close to TX we have a […]

Test of email alerts

HI everyone, hope everyone is doing well!  would you please respond to this post if you received this through your email. I have heard that some people are not getting notifications/ email alerts about a new post on the website. Just trying to assess to see what may be the issue.  Thank you! 


HI Everyone, I do hope this finds every one of you doing well!  If you did not receive an email from the website yesterday, there was a new post sent out by Trina regarding the most updated list of tribal operations for state and tribal agencies.  Wanted to make sure you all saw it.  I […]

WEBSITE UPGRADE 6/10-6/14/2019!

Hi everyone, I needed to let you know the website will be down for our annual upgrade starting next Monday June 10!  It should be back to regular access after 6/14/2019 at the latest. Thanks so much! 

Payment processing

Hello fellow Directors!  I wanted to inquire from you feedback on whether or not your payment center regularly receives social security payments directly from the social security administration?  I have been having issues with redirecting some of our payments from the states payment center to our payment center directly?  Thank you so much ahead of […]

Courtland support proposed contract

Hello all! I have attached the proposed support contract that we need to consider and decide if we want to enter into by April 2018.  If you look under Documents and look in Meeting minutes, it is uploaded in there. Thank you for reviewing and hopefully we can discuss by end of this sessions meeting times. 

IT working on site

Hi again, just wanted to let you know Courtland is working on a ticket to address the lack of email notifications on new posts.  You may receive a bunch of notifications today, hoping it will be fixed today. Thank you for your patience!

Testing of email alerts

Hi Everyone!  Hopefully this finds you each doing well. Can you please let me know if you receive an email alert about this posting.  Thanks so much!

Job opening! Suquamish Tribe

Squamish-Tribe-Program-Manager-position.pdf   Good Morning everyone! I am posting this under program announcements to let you know of Job opening for a Child Support Program Manager.  Please click on the link ABOVE for more information! It is open until it is filled! Thanks all, hope you have a great day!      


Greeting fellow Directors! The website will be undergoing maintenance starting Monday Sept 12! Hopefully it will be back online before Sept 17, but scheduling for entire week just in case! Thanks for your understanding.