Website Updates

Have suggestions to make the association’s website better?  Let us know! If you prefer not to post publicly, feel free to reach out to committee members directly:  Logan Green – Stacy Caudle – Maria Huynh – Aimee Turner – If you are having log in issues, you may either send a message through […]

Providing Court Case Closure Notice

Wondering if any of you notify the courts when you administratively close a case?  Such as, when there is no longer current or judgement balances due.   Thanks!

Tribal IRS Proposed Senate Bill/Legislation

The exact bill and legislation was reintroduced on March 2nd, 2021 and the bill number is S.534. Sen. Thune, South Dakota, introduced with Sen. Wyden, Oregon, as a co-sponsor. We do need to shore up more co-sponsors from both parties that sit on Sen. Finance. I’m copying the link here for the bill:

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Good afternoon,  Have any of you worked with the Florida Seminoles to locate or collections?  Feel free to comment here, email me, or call 918-337-6510 Thank you

New Case Specialist Training

We’re bringing on a new case manager with no child support experience.  What are your best practices for on-boarding a newbie?  I’m at a loss with virtual training or even recorded trainings for a case specialist. Help please!  I’m open to all suggestions.  Respond here or email me at Wanishi

FY21 Anticipated Waiver

Good afternoon,  Is or has anyone proactively applied for an anticipated waiver for FY21, or have you successfully submitted an Anticipated Waiver in previous years?   If so would you mind sharing your narrative? Thanks!  Aimee

Inquiry of Program Responses to Tribal Dear Colleague Letter

Good afternoon Directors,  Wondering how other programs were planning to respond to this Tribal Letter.  Comments are due in less than a month.   This TDCL is available on the OCSE website:    TRIBAL DEAR COLLEAGUE LETTER TDCL-19-02 DATE: September 17, 2019 TO: Tribal IV-D Directors SUBJECT: Open Comment Period – Tribal Direct Funding […]

ACF Grantee Meeting

Good afternoon directors,  I am sending in proposals for ACF’s 2020 Native American Grantee Meeting workshops.  This biannual meeting is in February in DC.  It will be held in conjunction with NCSEA’s Policy Forum. Does anyone have have session suggestions?  This meeting typically doesn’t have much of a child support component to the agenda, but […]

NTCSA Board Vacancies

Good morning,  Would you like to contribute to Tribal child support on a national level?  Do you have suggestions for the annual conference?  The National Tribal Child Support Association has vacancies on the Executive Board.  Get on the board and have your voice heard!!!   NTCSA Board Nominations 2019 NTCSA Board of Directors Nominations are […]

Call for Session Contributors

Good afternoon directors,  We’d like to invite additional Tribal programs to attend the National Tribal Child Support Association’s Conference (NTCSA) June 23-27th in California.  I am looking for Tribes that are working well with the following programs to contribute to our Internal Wraparound session: Tribal TANF Housing Child Welfare Domestic Violence   If you have a […]