Hello Everyone, We are in the process of trying to revise our guidelines.  We believe our current guidelines are outdated.  Our current minimum amount is $100 per child.  Are there any programs that would be willing to share their calculation guidelines with us or share what has worked for them?  I can be emailed at […]


Hello All, I was wondering if any of the Tribal Child Support Program’s have had staff become certified mediators or have received mediation training.  If you have can you please let me know how you went about it and/or who you utilized for the training.  Thank you!

Emergency Waiver

Hello, I hope you all are safe and healthy. I was wondering if any of the tribes have submitted an emergency waiver for the non-federal in-kind match?  I believe this is the path that the Chippewa Cree Tribe Child Support Program will have to take.  If your program has done so already I would appreciate […]

Social Security Payments

Hello guys, I am the new director of the Chippewa Cree Child Support Program in Rocky Boy, MT.  I have recently come across an NCP who is receiving Social Security Benefits and has added his son to receive benefits as well.  The NCP has an order to pay child support for his son at $100 […]