Nez Perce CSEP Director

Good morning, I apologize for my not being able to attend the last tribal director’s meeting but I did not think I would be here this long, as I started law school in August and did not plan to work and go to school full time. My last day is now set for December 27th […]

Per Capita Payments

I know I have heard that some Tribes do not allow their per capita payments to go towards state arrears, can you tell me how your Tribe went about doing so. Was this done by tribal resolution or by other means? Thank you, Jeanette Moody Nez Perce Tribe

Termination of Parental Rights Process and Child Support

Good afternoon, I am wondering if anyone is willing and able to share with me their Tribal Codes on Termination of Parental Rights (Voluntary or Involuntary). Our court allows both involuntary and voluntary termination but what I have seen in the past year is increase in voluntary termination of parental rights and the child support obligation […]

Per Capita Policy

Does any Tribe have a per capita policy that they would share with me and my Tribe? I am looking at redoing our policy and was hoping others would be willing to share as ours currently is pretty vague.  Thank you Jeanette MoodyNez Perce Tribe

TANF or CPS MOU or agreement

I was wondering if any Directors have a MOU Or some type of agreement with their TANF and CPS programs in their Tribe.  We are wanting to start this process with both of these programs since we need to have a stronger relationship since most of the families we all serve are connected.  Our CPS […]

Child Support Calculations-Involving Foster Care/Guardianship

Does anyone have Guidelines or Policy specific to calculating CS when a child is NOT in the custody of both of their parents? We have been running into this with our Foster Care and Guardianship cases where we don’t necessarily want to use the Guardians income (and haven’t) but what was done in the past is making each absent parent pay 100%, […]