Are any of the Tribes giving lumps sum payments to their Tribal members from the CARES ACT Funds?  If you are, is child support being deducted from the lump sum payments?  The Ho-Chunk Nation is debating that issue.  I would love to hear from other tribes that have given their members a lump sum from […]


I will be on FML from February 26 – April 22, 2020.  During that time I will not have access to my work e-mail.  I have created an email account for me to use at home.  It is  please send all inquiries to that e-mail.  Thank you – Linda Moser-Buse

Same Sex couples

Attached is a survey that was created using survey monkeys.  It would be a great help to us if you would complete the survey.  Thank you – Linda sex couples

Same sex couples

Has any tribe dealt with the establishment of paternity for same sex couples or to overcome the marital presumption for a child in a same sex marriage?  We are gathering facts for a presentation at the NTCSA.  Thank you – Linda

Custody and Placement Issues

Is there any tribe that has a law/ordinance for custody and placement that is not part of a child support or divorce code.  Our agency is revising our codes and we would like to separate out the custody and placement issues into their own code. I am just looking for examples from other tribes.  If you have […]

By-Law vote

The options for the by-laws has been posted. you can find them in documents, “by-laws”  Please review them. the voting begins August 10, 2017. – Linda


The by-law amendments have been posted.  I posted the original by-law red line version, Sample 2 and Sample 3.  Please review these changes before voting on one of them.  According to the by-laws, you have two weeks to review the by-law changes before you are required to vote on any changes.  The vote will begin […]

Fall meeting 2017

The information for the fall meeting has been uploaded and can be found under the “Agenda” heading. 

2017 membership

I sent out invoices to every tribe that was registered as a member in 2016.  Some of the invoices are being returned to me.  If you did not received an invoice for the 2017 membership and would like to be a member, please send me an e-mail at  and I will send you an […]

Fall registration form corrected

In my haste to have the fall meeting registration form submitted with all of the other fall meeting information, I used an old form and added the correct dates.  I did not realize that the fee amounts were different.  The meeting fee for members is $175.00 and for non members it is $225.00.  I have […]