Match Committee

Good afternoon Directors.    The Match committee has been meeting faithfully, working on the Match Reduction.   At our last meeting I was given the task of asking, you directors, for all of Past Testimony your Tribe has submitted to ANA or OCSE or Secretary regarding this Match Reduction.   So if you would please submit your […]

Match – reduction

Good morning all My Tribal President asked me on Monday if we wanted to pick up the fight about reducing or eliminating the 20% Match.    With new administration he would like to present our concerns. Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, etc.   Thanks       Stay safe.   

Tribal Consultations

Good morning   I am just wondering if anyone has submitted testimony on the Tax Intercept issue during Tribal Consultations.  Deadline for submission of testimony is September 4, 2020.   Thanks

Tribal Consultations

Good morning I want to say that I think this consultation turned out great.   Thanks to all the directors that attended and also to those that provided written testimony. We talked about the 80/20% Match and the Fair Market Value. If you have not provided written testimony, I urge you to please do.   Comments will […]

Match reduction

Good afternoon everyone.    I just wanted to share that the President of our Tribe visited DC ACF on July 11, 2019.   He called me and had me on Speaker phone to discuss the letter we sent in April.   On the call were Monica Adams, Yvette Redick and some other lady.   Commissioner Lekan was on […]

CS order follows the child

Good afternoon   How do you handle court orders when custody changes?   example mom has custody, then grandmother has custody. We are reviewing our CS Codes and this is something we wish to include in our orders. thanks