FY23 Conferences/Travel

Good morning everyone, below is a list of the FY23 conferences/travel that I have compiled.  The only one that is not included is the NTCSA 2023 Conference info.  That shoudl be announced at some point at this week’s conference.   Hopefully this helps as everyone starts preparing their FY23 budget submission.   2023 Travel/Conferences:   WICSEC: […]

NCSEA travel

Good morning everyone. We are making our travel plans for NCSEA this year.  It appears that you have to register each staff member individually as well as pay for rooms individually, etc.   This is extremely time consuming than being able to register as a group and pay for the hotel rooms as a group.  Have […]

Employment Services Specialist position

Good morning everyone, my department has recently added a new position titled Employment Services Specialist.  This position is designed to work with noncustodial parents to obtain education and training in order to obtain a job or increase their employability.  At this point we are at the beginning stages of building the foundation of this position:  creating […]

Universal Application for Services

We are in the process of creating a Universal Application for Services for applicants to fill out.  The purpose is to simplify our process for applicants.  Anyone that would be willing to share their application for services would be GREATLY appreciated!!   You can email the application to me at jfranklet@ccthita-nsn.gov. Thank you so much!