Looking for podcast volunteers

  I have recently joined the NCSEA Communications Committee podcast subcommittee.  One of things I would like to focus on is tribal engagement and tribal spotlights.  To that end I am hoping to find one to two other directors who might be willing to participate in a podcast on tribal child support response to Covid.  […]

NCSEA “Shaping the Future of Child Support: A Conversation with the Commissioner”

Did anyone participate in the NCSEA webinar today “Shaping the Future of Child Support: A Conversation with the Commissioner”?  I took some notes I thought I’d share.  If anyone has a different recollection than me please share.  Also I don’t guarantee that I captured everything and I may have added my own paraphrase on a […]

Confidentiality Training Resources

Does anyone have any good confidentiality training resources they might be able to share?  I have almost an entirely new office (both to our office and child support) and I am lacking in resources regarding confidentiality.  Any help/ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.