Guideline and Schedule

Greetings all; We are doing a review of our guideline and schedule and would like those Tribes who have the Income Shares Model to share with us how you calculate the amount. We currently use a hybrid of the Income Shares Model and the Melson Method. Our Tribal email isn’t working properly so if you […]

DNA Testing

Good Afternoon all; I am looking for information on Labcorp? If anyone has a contact name and number, please send me an email at or give me a call at 208-236-1174. This is the times I miss going to conferences and gathering all the information off the vendor tables :-). Thanks and have a splendid […]

Federal Tax Refund Offset

Good Morning All; The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes is looking to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with either North Dakota or Idaho to be able to get assistance with Federal Tax Offset refunds for our customers. If anyone has a current Memorandum of Understanding with North Dakota, and would like to share with me, that would be […]

ACF Grantee Meeting-Poster

Good Afternoon; Of those of us going to the ACF Grantee Meeting, who is setting up a poster? If so, are you just doing an outline of your program? Thanks. Lynette

75 Report-Tribal Resources

Good Afternoon all 🙂 I am debating on reporting our collection and distribution, in tribal resources, on the 75 report. Are there Tribes out there who report on this line?  Thanks. Lynette

Cost share shuttle-Asheville NC

Good Afternoon: I plan on catching a shuttle ride from Asheville Airport and was wondering if anyone was flying in around 6:30-7 p.m. on Sunday, October 20th. The cost of the shuttle is $125 one way. If there are more people to ride the shuttle, we can cost share the $125.  Please call me at […]

Automated Systems

Good Afternoon: I am reaching out to other Tribal Child Support Programs who use the TribeVue modular that Tribal D, Inc. offers. We are currently using this software but I am finding that our version may not have the same options as others. We seem to be behind and are having to pay for features to […]

Reallocation to Region 4

Good Morning! I received an email notice yesterday from Commissioner Lekan stating that our program will now be supported by a Regional Program Specialist out of Region 4. The email noted that 6 tribes out of Region 10, will be effected. So my question is if any of the other tribes received this notice as […]


Good Morning all: I am looking for assistance on information on the FPLS. Are there any tribes that use this service?