Tribal Systems Contract, OCSE request for additional info

Hi folks, It looks like this year is our turn to experience issues with approval of our contracts.  Specifically, we are being asked for the following by August 26th with regards to our Tribal Systems Contract (we are using Eaglesun Systems Inc.).     ·         A security and privacy clause in accordance with 310.15, the Federal […]

Reporting to the Credit Bureaus-

Hi everyone, Hope you all are well.  I have some questions about this topic, as we are exploring it as a possibility. Do you report to any of the credit bureaus  – Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, etc.?  If so, what was your experience getting this started?  How does it work for your agency currently? Do you […]

Relative Caretakers- documentation question

  A staff member and I had a in-depth conversation regarding this last week & we’re looking to other Programs to see if & how you address these cases:           Does your Tribe collect child support for Non-TANF relative caregivers?  If you do, what kind of documentation do you require? (Tribal […]