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I am a member of the National CSTP newsletter and my objective is to have a tribal corner in this newsletter. It is intended to provide a forum for tribes to provide information on tribal specific perspectives and guidance on the unique processes we have and to strengthen communications with non-tribal agencies.

Articles for the next edition due by December 18, 2020 can include your tribal perspective on diversity and inclusion or the new IRG as a resource for other agencies to find out what we need to enforce or manage cases. The topics can then be used to create training for other agencies including some of our best practices on ICW and TANF cases or other cases where one participant is a tribal member and the other non-tribal and some of the issues we face managing these cases or transferring these cases.

The author should include their name, position in the CS agency, Tribal affiliation and contact information.

Please help me connect our perspectives to others by submitting an article to me before the deadline.

Thank you for your consideration,

Gregg W. Duffek, Manager

Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal CSA






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  1. So, not a single response to this. I know this is a very busy time of year and appreciate consideration of this initiative.

    Does anyone have an MOU with ICW or Kinship Care to share? Does the MOU contain required OCSE or state language for data sharing?

  2. Hi Greg,
    Please forgive me for not seeing your earlier post. Our IT Dept has the firewall so high that some things we need don’t make it through. I’m interested in your idea for an agreement between Child Support and Child Welfare. I supervise both, so haven’t needed that, but should always be planning for the next re-org Council makes, to ensure the cooperative case management continues if they aren’t in the same Dept.

    Thanks for the good idea.
    Ralph J – Lummi Nation

  3. We don’t have an MOU with our ICW program either. We are both under the Children and families department so one was not needed. Our agreement to share data is in our code.

  4. We also have one division, Family & Children Services, with no formal MOU or agreement. I would be interested in seeing what you come up with Gregg or Ralph.
    Along the same lines, for those with two or more programs under one umbrella, do you have a combined Policies & Procedures? We have three individual ones which we’re considering combining since we’re all under one roof and share a director and admin asst.

  5. Hello Gregg,
    We don’t have an MOU with ICW but are interested in creating one as well. Any information that can be sent my way as well, would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
    Trina Schuyler-Oneida Nation

  6. Hello NATCSD,
    Following up Gregg’s idea, I met with the Child Support then the Child Welfare Manager. There is some questions about the Paternity process that might benefit from an agreement, to resolve conflicting mandates in the different Codes of Law that govern both. That is a very specific issue, and involves releasing genetic testing data to the State, in some cases, but it is a unifying reason to discuss further and commit the results to a written MOA.

    We will share what we develop, of course.
    Ralph J

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