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Answers to OCSE-75 Survey Comments

Thank you to all those who responded to the OCSE-75 workgroup survey sent out by Maria Huynh. There were a few good comments and questions that I wanted to take a moment to respond to:

1. “Please clarify what is meant by ‘tribal case'”

Much like many other existing OCSE-75 line items, each tribal program is able to define what a “tribal case” means to them. Examples could include: 
  – All of your cases are considered tribal cases
  – Only cases involving a member of your tribe are considered tribal cases
  – Only cases with orders established in your jurisdiction are considered tribal cases
  – Many other possibilities

2. “Does the proposed revision to [Section B: Paternity Establishment – line 3] eliminate the whole out-of-wedlock children question?”
  – Yes. OCSE has acknowledged that the existing annual report has already departed from the regulations regarding out-of-wedlock births, and they are open to this revision.

3. “I’m concerned that optional reporting lines could later become required line items.”

  – This is great for us to know. We will express this sentiment in our next workgroup meeting. Thus far, OCSE has not had strong feelings about optional lines. They have been pretty flexible in allowing us to change these items so that they help tribal programs tell their stories effectively. OCSE’s primary concern has been that leaving them as optional lines would create fewer costs associated with system updates.

4.  “These changes would have a major impact on programs using the MTS.”

  – Thank you. In our next meeting we will discuss OCSE’s obligation and responsibility to maintain the MTS up to current reporting requirements at no cost to the tribal programs utilizing the system.

Please respond here if there’s anything else I can help clarify or address.

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  1. Please see link for the OCSE 75 Survey results. We have 34 Tribes who responded to the Survey

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