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Annual Tribal Budget Consultation

I received a letter from a – Jack Kalavritinos, as Director of the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs.  I am sure others did as well. Do must tribes send representatives or participate in DC or listen in to the planning calls.

Isn’t this an avenue to propose the reduction in the Tribal Match. Maybe that request is made on an annual basis, but falls on deaf ears? Can someone give me some background on our Association’s involvement in this Budget Consultation, in the past and moving into the future. I have no information at this point to provide to our tribal leaders here at Three Affiliated Tribes. Thank-you in advance for any helpful information.


Bill Woods – Interim Director     

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  1. Hello,
    I have never received this letter either and maybe that is because it went to somebody else and it was never passed on to me. I do think this is important and it seems this would be the avenue to bring up the tribal match. Other Directors who have gone can you let us know what exactly happens at these meetings please? Also I have not put this in my budget so I will not be attending this. I have alot of other travel as well so this would be challenging to pull off but it is very important.

  2. I haven’t attended in the past. Usually someone from Counsel attend. I will do more research and see how we can work this to our advantage.

  3. I visited with our CEO – I believe our Tribe will send someone – asking that this person bring up moving from 80-20 to 90-10. I will me with person designated to attend and verify we support move to 90-10.

  4. I received an email from Councilman Batt and I will be writing a statement in regards to the 20% match. I am not sure if he is attending or taking part per phone. Hopefully more Tribal Child Support Directors can ask their tribal representatives to present more support in regards to reducing the match.

  5. From my experiences the Policy allows the submission of individual Tribal concerns or collective concerns, but both need to be written with as much fact and background as possible to help guide any proposed change or to stop any decisions which could be harmful to Tribes.

    I have always authored a Consultation letter for the Tribal Representative to read from or submit. I will try to upload the HHS Consultation policy for your review and consideration. There is a hierarchy of who can speak or submit testimony beginning with Tribal President/Chair, then Vice, and other Council members or a specific designee. Prepare your representative well and work with your Legal office for Legislative changes you propose. Make it easy for OCSE to take action on your request by giving them definitive reasons why the change is needed to help in your Community and how they can go about effecting the change needed.

    We should have these consultation policies on our website for quick reference.

  6. My council rep came to my office on Monday. We discussed this topic. I submitted the letters Bill Woods, Jerl Thompson and myself sent to our Congressmen. She will be working with the tribal attorney and myself on the testimony. Our President of the Council or his delegate will be attending the consultation.

    I think the more Tribes who address this issue in the consultations will increase awareness with HHS and hopefully with the Secretary. The Secretary, according to the regs, is the one to decide on whether this match is creating a hardship on Tribes. And for some Tribes it is a true hardship. Let’s support each other. Thank you

  7. Good Morning! I also have a copy of the recommended budget for FY20 for ACF Child Support. I tried to share on the dashboard but I wasn’t sure how to upload. I also have the 2020 Budget Fact Sheet. These two documents were shared with me from our council representative. If you want, I can bring a copy to the meeting in Tulsa.

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