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Anchorage, Alaska Per diem rates

Looking for some guidance. I had used high rates in doing budget last year for Anchorage, Alaska, WICSEC Conference. Does anyone know the correct rate to use?  I have found rates as low as $51 for meals and $91 per night lodging and another rate as high as $94 a day for meals counting incidental of $19 and maximum lodging of $229 per night.  I always do my own paperwork for our department but this is one trip I am unsure about.  If you look up rates under GSA.GOV they only set rates for the lower 48 United States and directs you to two links and the one for Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories set by the Department of Defense and is the one where I found the higher rates.  The other link was for foreign countries.  I have a notion to use the higher rate because In visiting with someone that has gone to Alaska sais that everything is high cost there.


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  1. Yes, I had been to that site as well and figured $45 + 19 Incidental = $64 for first and last day and full days in between as $75 + $19 Incidental = $94 and maximum lodging $229 per night.

    However I seen another site for State of Alaska Per Diem Rates and they were set at Short Term travel $60 and prorated 75% (first and last day I assume) at $45 a day and list Breakfast $12, Lunch $16 and Dinner $32 for full days. And lodging at Peak $95 (May 16-Sept 15) and Off Peak $85 (Sept 16-May 15)

    Quite a difference between the two, but I suppose I will use the higher. Don’t want anyone hurting for money because I keep hearing it is high cost there.

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