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ANA Tribal Consultation – Fair Market Value of Rent Issue

Hello Directors – 

This is another call to any tribes who lost match value when fair market value of rent was taken away in 2016.  This would be for tribes who do not have leases for their tribally provided office space and who do not charge rent to the federal side of their budget.  

We will be attending the ANA Tribal Consultation in September.  Our chairman will provide testimony related to the general 10% tribal match reduction request.  We have also asked that our specific issue regarding regaining the use of Fair Market Value of Rent be added to the agenda. We have so far received good indications that OCSE is willing to make this change, but that there is resistance at OGM and other ACF agencies.  The ANA consultation should be a good forum to encourage ACF to make this change.

We feel that it would greatly strengthen our testimony to have any other tribes who are affected by this issue to provide testimony as well.  Even if we could simply present a list of tribes affected it could have an impact.  We have developed a memo/brief of the issue that we are happy to share with anyone who would like to see it in helping to develop their testimony.  It appears to be very easy to submit written testimony even if you are not able to attend the consultation. 

Please let us know if your tribe was one of those who lost match value and, if you are willing, share the amount lost.  

Thank you to all.


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  1. I would be interested in seeing it too. The Commissioner said at our last region 8 meeting in Denver that although our tribe supplements our space costs we could not use that as a match. Thanks.

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