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ACF Request for Information – due date March 10th

Hello everyone,

I am working on responses to ACF’s request for information and need your help.  Paige Hausburg’s January 9, 2017 email stated that questions 3 and 4 address tribal waivers, and she also mentioned that ACF if requesting comments on the challenges that tribe’s face in meeting the non-federal match.  Question 1 seems more relevant than question 3 which mentions block grants. 

Here is question 3:

Are there instances for which you believe waiver authority, additional waiver authority allowed under block grants, would benefit tries under any ACF program? 

I find this question confusing because it mentions “block grants” and per our prior research, block grantees are not required to provide a match, so the question does not appear to be addressing waiver’s of tribal match funds. 

Is anyone else working on the responses to these questions, and if someone could please enlighten me how this question pertains to the tribal match waiver, I would really appreciate those willing to share their thoughts about what this question means.

Thanks in advance,




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  1. I had sent the information to my Tribal Attorney, however, had no response. I see the deadline is Friday, so I think I will need to get something together. Is the association submitting any response?

  2. Good news! The deadline for submitting the proposal has been extended to May 9, 2017, so we have more time to work on the responses. Please feel free to give me a call if you want to talk. My number is 907-463-7340. I do not know whether our group is planning on sending a response. I am glad to see you are working on a response.

  3. The deadline for comments has been extended to May 9, 2017. I have sent the e-mail announcing the deadline extension as well as the Suquamish & Puyallup Tribes’ letters commenting on the RFI to Amber Ahola and Sue Smith so maybe we can discuss a response from our Association. Bill Paine

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