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ACF Consultation 6/11/20

Hello Directors,

I hope all is well and you and your family are keeping safe and healthy.

I just wanted to send out a reminder that there is a ACF consultations on 6/11/20.  I am currently in the process of applying for a waiver of the non-federal share due to Covid 19 and would like to hear if any Tribes had any issues or success with this?  You could either respond to the blog or email me at Thank you!


The 2020 ACF Tribal Consultation will be held virtually on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10 and 11, 2020, from 1:00pm – 6:00pm (ET). During the session, ACF officials will be available to speak with tribal leaders to discuss issues important to the tribes and ACF tribal program priorities. Please see the attachments for details, including a Dear Tribal Leader Letter and the current consultation agenda. Additional information about registration and how to provide testimony is posted on


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  1. I submitted my waiver request on 05/14/2020 and received my approval letter on 05/29/2020. I ran it by my program specialist first and she offered a couple suggestions, which I included. That was my first time ever requesting a waiver of our non-federal share.

  2. The Ho-Chunk Nation submitted the request for a waiver on June 3, 2020, but have not heard the results yet. Prior to submitting it, we submitted the same to our regional reps for their input.

  3. Stacy,

    Can you please send me an example of what you submitted? I am going to apply for the waiver but have no idea where to start. Thank you.

  4. Can I get a sample too please? I am contemplating applying for the waiver for the upcoming fiscal year since gaming dollars for our tribe took a big hit with the pandemic. Thanks.

  5. Diana did you attended the webinar on how to apply for the waiver by ocse? There was some tips on how you could apply for the emergency waiver and the flexibility they are allowing for this fiscal year.

  6. Yes, I was on the call but wasn’t able to take notes like I normally do. I’m not sure yet if I will actually have to apply for it but am being proactive just in case. 😀

  7. I just realized the link OCSE sent me was a drop file. Hopefully this works for you.

    Central Office said to try accessing the recording using this link.

    To access the recording:

    · I tested the link and entered Adobe as a “guest” and then it should give you the option to download

    · then you can save it and view it using Media Player.

  8. We have ours somewhat ready to submit, minus some specific figures. I am anticipating that to be finalized by the end of next week.

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