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Access to Zoom for Court

I was wondering if there are any Tribe out there experiencing challenges with clients not being able to appear for Court via Zoom?  Since our office has been closed, all of our hearings have been through zoom. Clients can’t appear in person and some of our clients do not have a phone with minutes on them. They can message but not call.  Please let me know if you have any ideas.   Thank you!

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  1. Osage Tribal Court does all hearings by telephone. The court building is closed to the public except by appointment. We are in the same building; customers enter the building and can speak with our department. We encourage appointments when possible. We provide masks to those who may forget theirs.

  2. We’re unfortunately not much help. Clients/customers call in to appear and all staff appear via Zoom. The only persons in the court room are Judge and Court Clerk. Technically our Court Clerk calls the parties when their case is called. There has been discussion about putting a phone on the outside of the Justice Center that can be used by individuals as a way to appear telephonically if they don’t have their own phones. However I don’t believe this has been put in place as there was concerns around the sanitation process and a need to have another staff member present to monitor & sanitize.

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