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75 Report-Tribal Resources

Good Afternoon all 🙂

I am debating on reporting our collection and distribution, in tribal resources, on the 75 report. Are there Tribes out there who report on this line? 



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  1. I always write the tribal monies that we collect on that line. I want the feds to realize that they would have $0.00 on that line if it weren’t for the work that tribal child support agencies do. – Linda

  2. I always write everything that was collected by us on that line. I’m with Linda, if it wasn’t for us and our work our families would probably get nothing. Besides, we are the ones doing all the work, they are “our” collections.

  3. So looking at the report and the instruction sheets. for Tribes in Wisconsin using KIDS. Has anyone created a list of the sources used for the data in each line on the definitions sheet on page 5? With Control-D and Webi reports, we should have everything we need besides perhaps our Operating statements?

    I will buy lunch for anyone who creates such a guide tool and emails it to all Wisconsin Tribes using KIDS. I had many questions for the Webx cancelled today and will be out when the next rescheduled call will be.

  4. On Tribal Resources- this is how I define it for us

    Money collected from our Tribal Enterprise ( Casino & Tribal Business)
    Money collected From Fishing Income (Tribal Fisheries)
    money collected from another Tribe

    I then divided this from the total collections to get a percentage of what I collect from Tribal resources. Hopefully that makes sense.

  5. Hello Gregg,
    I don’t believe anyone in Wisconsin has created such a list. I will be on the call today, so if you have any specific questions you need asked, please feel free to email them to me and I can ask them for you.

  6. Good morning, I agree.
    We should always report tribal resources collected. Its important to share the value of our programs and help OCSE justify the continued allocation of federal resources to tribal agencies. Who can serve our communities better than us? Nobody! Have a great day!!

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