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The National Association of Tribal Child Support Directors (NATCSD) was established in 2006 as an association with the purpose of assisting directors of tribal child support programs with the everyday problems, and questions that arise from operating a tribal child support program so that they may do a better job in providing the needed services to tribal children and their families.

Tribal Directors met with the Commissioner in October 2016.


Several program directors expressed concerns in relation to the final rule. 
Read the transcript of Standing Rock’s testimony >>

Our young people are our future, and we must help them in any way we can to achieve their goals in life, and to become productive citizens, and members of their tribes.
The NATCSD helps do this.

NATCSD tribal girl

Each tribal program is unique in its own way, and has different procedures, and ways of operating their program. The NATCSD brings the directors together to discuss these different ideas, and share them with each other to help improve our programs, and improve the services we provide to our children, while building relationships with other tribes.